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How to Get CPU Usage Alerts for MySQL/MariaDB?

If you have a shared or reseller hosting account, or any other managed service, it is not possible to enable this functionality. In these cases, resource management is our responsibility.

If you have a managed server, it may be possible to use certain monitoring tools to receive CPU usage alerts.

Alternatively, with an unmanaged server, you'll have root access and can install and configure any tools you desire. If you require assistance with an unmanaged service, you can purchase a professional support plan, and our team will be available to help you implement solutions at both administrative and technical levels.

Alternatively, you can occasionally request a quote for a one-time service, covering software installation, configuration, training, or support hours associated with the third-party tool.

Remember, if you need any additional help or if you have questions, don't hesitate to let us know. Our support team is always here to assist you.