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An error occurred while sending the message - Prestashop

A client recently reached out to us due to an error they encountered while sending a message using the form on the PrestaShop "Contact Us" page.

I'm currently utilizing PrestaShop 1.7, complete with the default theme and modules. Moreover, I haven't installed any additional plugins or tools yet.

Here's the issue: whenever I attempt to send a message using the form on the "Contact Us" page, an error message pops up against a red background, stating, "An error occurred while sending the message."

I've made various attempts to rectify this issue, such as disabling modsecurity, toggling between different PHP versions, and adjusting a few configurations, but nothing appears to be working. I would greatly appreciate any assistance in resolving this issue, and I'm even prepared to pay for a viable solution if the problem isn't related to the web hosting service.

We've stumbled upon a post on Stack Overflow that seems to address the same issue, specifically with the PrestaShop version the client is using.

To summarize, the solution proposed in the post is to replace the current contactform.php with a previous version located within /modules/contactform, which should effectively resolve the issue.