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Resource Limit Reached

"Resource Limit Reached" is a message that might pop up when you have Cloudlinux installed on your server.

In essence, this message indicates that your web hosting account has hit the assigned resource limit. These resources can encompass CPU usage, RAM usage, or the number of concurrent processes running simultaneously.

Are you wondering if your web hosting account is suspended?

Rest assured, your web hosting account will never be suspended due to reaching the resource limit. When a web hosting account maxes out its resources, every fault spotted in the resource usage details represents a visitor who either couldn't open the website, experienced slower page loading, or couldn't complete an action successfully because of insufficient resources.

To put it simply, it's like a dedicated server running low on resources at a particular moment. While one visitor might struggle to access the website correctly, another visitor could browse your site without any hitch.

How can you resolve this?

Occasional spikes in resource usage are usually no cause for concern. These spikes often result from bots crawling your website at specific times, cron jobs, automated checks, pings, updates, or anything else associated with your CMS.

However, you could look into optimizing your website. If your website is already optimized to the fullest, you might want to compare the number of visitors on your website at a given time with the resource usage to check if it's within normal ranges. If it's not, there might be something else running along with your website.

If everything seems normal, the only solution would be to increase the resources of the web hosting account.

Additional Information

Third-party themes or plugins installed on any CMS (for example, WordPress) can cause a web hosting account to reach its resource limit.

For instance, if you operate a WordPress website and don't know which plugin is causing the issue, we recommend disabling all plugins. You can then reactivate the plugins one by one until you identify the culprit that's causing your web hosting account to max out its resources.

Certain plugins, third-party themes, or specific CMSs are inherently resource-intensive, like some shopping cart (for example, Magento) or event calendar plugins. If your website regularly sees high traffic spikes, we suggest increasing the resources of the web hosting account unless you can disable plugins or optimize the website code to lower resource usage.

In such scenarios, the more visitors your site attracts, the more likely your site will consume more resources, slow down, and hit the resource limit.

If specific pages or requested actions have speed issues, a surge in inbound traffic or concurrent page requests can push the site over its resource limits. Intensive backend operations such as imports or exports can generate a significant load, which, combined with regular traffic, can cause the web hosting account to hit the resource limit.

Web crawlers making a high number of requests per second can also contribute to your web hosting account reaching its resource limit.