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Do You Accept Adult Content on Your Servers?

We prioritize following the law of the land. Therefore, we permit adult content on our servers only in countries where it is legal. We assure you that if this changes, we will update this article accordingly.

We occasionally receive messages from concerned individuals who ask us to stop allowing adult content on our servers. We understand that some people have different reasons for being against it, such as political or religious beliefs. However, we must remain impartial to any political or religious statements. If the law changes in a country where we have servers, we will update our terms and services accordingly and specify it on this page for your convenience.

We have also heard concerns about the stability and speed of our services due to the allowance of adult content. However, we want to assure you that all accounts are limited to their subscribed resources to prevent any negative impact on other accounts on the same physical machine. In other words, you can rest assured that our services will remain fast and stable.

If you have any further questions or concerns about this topic, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're always here to help.