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Do You Provide Real-Time Support Through Live Chat?

Yes, we offer real-time support via Live Chat and Telegram, primarily to address complex inquiries, urgent technical issues, or concerns that require dedicated assistance. For non-urgent support requests, we typically schedule a session with a support specialist who can address your specific needs. If you require assistance beyond our standard scope of support, you may request a paid consultation or paid support time.

How can I schedule or request a real-time chat session for dedicated support? To schedule or request a chat session, contact us through any available method, providing as much detail as possible about your inquiry or issue. Mention your preferred date and time, or request the earliest available slot, and we will confirm and contact you at the scheduled time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I being asked to open a ticket or use live chat when I contact a staff member directly?

  • Please understand that a staff member may not always be available due to their schedules, time off, or personal commitments. Our intention is to direct you to another contact method that will allow you to receive support faster, rather than waiting for a specific staff member to be available within their working schedule.

What are the alternatives to Telegram? In addition to Telegram, we offer a Live Chat feature on our website.

  • Why don't you reply on Telegram? Our Telegram support operates within the same time frame as our live chat. We will respond to you as soon as possible within business hours. Alternatively, you may contact us through email or submit a support ticket, both of which are available 24/7/365.